Childbirth Education

Do you want a natural birth?   Would you like to learn about relaxation to lessen pain, the stages of labor and would you like to avoid narcotics to your baby during birth?

The Bradley Method® classes teach:
  • relaxation techniques and natural breathing to lessen pain

  • excellence in nutrition as the foundation for a healthy pregnancy

  • stages of labor

  • exercise to prepare your body for birth

  • avoidance of drugs during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding (no drugs are safe for baby)

  • active participation by the coach/partner

  • immediate and continuous contact with baby for bonding

Twelve weeks = 3 months = the last trimester of pregnancy
The standard series of classes in The Bradley Method® is 12 continuous weeks for many reasons.
First of all, it works. Statistical analysis shows that students who attend a full 12 week class series are more likely to have an unmedicated birth.
Your body also needs time to prepare. It takes three months for habits (eating/nutrition) to change. It takes time for relaxation and exercises, practiced in class and at home, to change your body and strengthen it for the work of labor & delivery of your